Digital Discipleship Conference 2016

[SPEAKER] Chip Dizard – Digital Discipleship Conference 2016

Meet Chip!  Well, actually his name is Damian “Chip” Dizárd (pronounced Diz Hard).  Still and moving photos are his passion; filming, editing, producing and distributing them are the ways he chooses to express what he does.

He’s an entrepreneur with a passion for all things technology and media.  A graduate from Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland with a degree in Media Art/Communication, he discovered his love for web design in 1999 after he created a website for local nonprofit organisations in the Washington, D.C. area.

He’s helped numerous organizations build an online presence.  In 2002, he founded the new media firm Absolute Presence.  The company focused on web development, video production, and media consulting  serving government agencies, non-profits, and religious organizations.

In 2002, he also co-founded, an online streaming portal where churches and ministries throughout the world stream services live and on demand.

He also has a love for education, and after working as the General Manager of Baltimore City Public Schools Education Channel 77, I currently teaches media production for the school district. He also runs an online video training site called Web Video Chefs with his business partner Amani Channel.

People often ask him if he gets tired of taking photos, filming and teaching. And he says, “Absolutely not! I never tire of my art. When you work in your passion and you make a living doing so you are a blessed individual.”

When he’s not working on editing  or teaching or creating tutorials, he loves going to movies, which, is not a surprise. He also likes playing golf, and of course, being with his family.

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