Design Thinking Crash Course

The Design Thinking Session was one of the key features of the 2016 Digital Discipleship Conference.  The emphasis was on empathetic planning, strategic thinking and designing.  The process involved going through activities, some seemingly unrelated to what the weekend was about to get participants thinking in the headspace of the person being thought about or designed for.

After the success of the Design Thinking Session during the 2016 Digital Discipleship Conference, there was lots interest in running a Design Thinking Session. In fact, many were excited by the prospect of it.

We don’t promise you’ll become an expert, but if you spend a bit of time at Stanford University’s’s Virtual Crash Course on design thinking, you’ll definitely become a bit more familiar with the process.

They’re passionate about helping people experience how they teach design thinking:

“We know not everyone can make a trip to the to experience how we teach design thinking. So, we created this online version of one of our most frequently sought after learning tools. Using the video, handouts, and facilitation tips below, we will take you step by step through the process of hosting or participating in a 90 minute design challenge.

Through this experience we hope you will take away some of the basic principles of Design Thinking and start to adapt them into your personal and professional routines.”

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