Does Your Church Need a Digital Church Check-up?

Does your church need a Digital Church Check-up?

Let’s see…

How would you rate your church’s online health out of 10?  Think about your website, social media presence, engagement and outreach integration into your overall church strategy.

Checking on church's digital health through digital church checkup

Recently we asked this question on our Digital Discipleship Facebook page and someone responded and said, “8ish…can always do more…”

What about your church (or ministry)?

Just as we regularly check our health, we should also check our church’s digital health.


So, if you’re curious, let’s look at a few areas you can review.


  1. Are your website and social media accounts up-to-date?
  2. Are you using pictures that reflect your community?
  3. Do you have the correct contact information listed?
  4. Are service times listed?
  5. Do you have information listed that will make people feel comfortable if this is their first time at your church?
  6. Do you have a way to keep in touch with people outside of the social media platform, like on an e-mail list?
  7. Do you regularly invite people to your mailing list?
  8. Do you have a security system in place to back-up your website? Do you use secure passwords and other measures to prevent hacking?
  9. Do you have a child safety and privacy policy in place?

Church’s Personality & Character

  1. Do your social media accounts and website show a picture of what life looks like at your church?
  2. Do you show authenticity?
  3. Do you show the unique personality and character of your church?
  4. Do you tell the story of your church and invite people to be part of it?
  5. If your church has a particular strength, like you’re very accomodating to young families, you speak a specific language in your service, you are in an urban area or you offer regular meals to the homeless, do you communicate that to your audience?

Mission & Strategy

  1. Does your church have a strategy?  Are you familiar with it or do you have it printed out somewhere nearby?
  2. Are your online sites aligned with your church/ministry’s mission?
  3. Have you consulted with other ministries in your church to align the work you do to the mission?


  1. Do you understand who you’re talking to?  Have you grouped the people you’re talking to into specific audiences?
  2. Do you have content directed at your specific audiences?


  1. Are you creating engagement and conversation online?
  2. Do you include calls to action? (click here to learn about creating compelling calls to action)
  3. Do you understand the steps it might take for someone to visit your church or watch your livestream and then visit your church?
  4. Are you active in your local, online community?

Live Streaming

  1. Are you regularly talking to and engaging your online audience?
  2. Do you have specific calls to action for your online audience (outside of collecting offering from them)?

Personal Ministry Integration

  1. Do you have local church members working within the Digital Discipleship Ecosystem?


  1. Do you tell a compelling story of Jesus and give encouragement?
  2. Do you give opportunities for people to make spiritual decisions by using calls to action, like requesting prayer or Bible studies?
  3. Do you invite your audience to watch your livestreams?

Overcome the Limitations of Lack of Resources and Personnel

Many churches are limited by resources and personnel.  Maybe you’re not a trained graphic designer or web designer or a digital marketer and you wonder if there’s any hope for you.

You don’t need to have the prettiest page and website.  Many of the points above hinge on relationships more than technical skills.  What’s most important is the thoughtfulness you put into what you do online, your empathy for the people you’re serving and your strategy.

Is your church looking for more hands-on support?

At 2019 Digital Discipleship Conference, we offered a hands-on process called the Digital Church Checkup.  As we look to take this process online, we’d like to assess demand for this process by expressions of interest by churches through the form listed below.

The Digital Church Checkup Process

The Digital Church Checkup Process will help to:

  • promote community outreach and engagement,
  • involve local members in personal ministry,
  • promote a strategic partnership between media ministries and the other ministries in the church
  • create online engagement that can provide meaningful spiritual connections with the community
  • improve a church’s online presence

The process uses some of the principles and questions listed above and use some of the principles in these two articles:

Would your church benefit from participating in a Digital Church Check-up?

We would love to have you apply to be part of the process.  You can apply by signing up here: