COVID-19 Resources

What is COVID-19?

  1. The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do – This animated video is very detailed in explaining COVID-19.  It’s geared towards a older children or adults as the content in the video is very honest about the stark realities of the virus (Warning this video could potentially be overwhelming for young children).
  2. Coronavirus explained for Kids by Dr. Michele Dickinson

Explaining Social Distancing to Your Child

  1. KiwiCo knows that missing out on normal activities is hard, but it’s very important! We made a video just for kids to help them understand that they’re being a hero by staying home.

How does COVID-19 affect children?

  1. Australia Academy of Science offers information about how COVID-19 affects children.

How to talk to kids about COVID-19

  1. How to Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19 is a printable resource created by the South Pacific Division that gives you some biblically based talking points to engage with your kids about the life changes they are experiencing.
  2. Mums At the Table has an article that can help you understand how to talk to your kids about COVID-19.
  3. Kids Health offers talking points for helping your child to understand the current situation, understand the things he or she can control and provide comfort.

Resources for COVID-19

  1. Mums at the Table offers articles, a Facebook group, as well as a free marketplace for people who find themselves in need


Visit our resource Grow in Jesus, which will give you ideas and support to help your child grow spiritually in the digital age.

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