Educational Platforms


  1. offers Science, Math, Social Studies 
  2. offers free printable K-8 Reading and Math activity packs (available in English and Spanish) 
  3. KidsActivitiesBlog is sharing all the education companies that are offering free subscriptions.Day-by-Day Projects
  4. Scholastic offers day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. 
  5. NPR offers a list of kids podcasts
  6. Audible is offering free kids audio books while schools are closed
  7. ABCMouse is an educational platform that has lots of options across all ages.

Hands On Projects

  1. KiwiCo shares quick & easy at home projects curated for kids 2 and up


  1. offers 300,000+ FREE printable worksheets from toddlers to teens 
  2. Quizlet offers students the opportunity to practice and master whatever they are learning.  Think lots of subjects, with quizzes and flashcards and tips and tricks to help with remembering skills. 
  3. offers critical thinking resources for K-6 students 
  4. is a quick start resource to help families pull together a plan for surviving the next 1-2 months at home with their kids, but it can also be a time of slowing down and enjoying kids as they learn.  Resources are available for preschool through 8th grade 


  1. 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas 
  2. offers entertaining & educational videos for all levels and subjects
  3. is an online education program for toddler through high school…
  4. offers 100 free online educational program ideas

All Ages, All Subjects

  1. Brain Pop
  2. Khan Academy
  3. All in One Home School (Preschool – 8th grade) – Every course you could possibly want to homeschool preschool – 8 
  4. All in One Home School (Year 9 – Year 12) Every course you could possibly want to homeschool for high school 
  5. – Education for kids all topics 
  6. Brainscape offers over a million flashcard decks for every subject, entrance exam, and certification imaginable. 
  7. offers daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own 
  8. offers adaptive curriculum in Math and ELA for Grades K-8
  9. offers preK-12 digital media service with more than 30,000 learning materials 
  10. offers an online homeschool platform & curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade. All main subjects are covered, plus extra curriculum courses. 
  11. offers digital learning content for preschool through high school 

Older Teens

  1. offers classes for older teens or adults 
  2. offers resources for AP students 
  3. Fiveable offers resources for AP students including live reviews, live trivia, and study guides!
  4. Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities 
  5. Coursera offers Tons of free classes from leading universities and companies 
  6. 450 Ivy League courses that you can take 
  7. offers 2,500+ online courses from top institutions 


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