We gather annually at the Digital Discipleship Conference to collaborate, create, meet and energise around the idea of creating a discipleship movement in the digital space.  The event is a fun weekend of keynote speakers, workshops, collaborative activities, networking and prayerful planning.

Digital Discipleship Conference 2019

In an environment where it feels like a crisis is looming, how can we forecast for the future? What will that future look like and how will we engage as a church? And most importantly, are we dreaming and anticipating our ultimate bright future with God as expressed in Revelation 21?

Digital Discipleship Conference 2018

In the age of robots & artificial intelligence there will be an increase in the value of presence and engagement.  How can we leverage our ability to engage, be present and understand the power of God’s presence and our ability to connect with Him in the digital age?

Digital Discipleship Conference 2017

Join us for a fun weekend of spiritual growth with international and local speakers, a design-thinking session and networking opportunities. You’ll love the retro video game theme that highlights the call for us to make disciples.

Digital Discipleship Conference 2016

The purpose of this event was to explore what discipleship looks like in the digital age. We discussed this question in a creative space, where we listened to great speakers, have workshops and contributed to the creation of a digital discipleship movement.