Digital Discipleship Conference 2017









Join us for a fun weekend of spiritual growth with international and local speakers, a design-thinking session and networking opportunities. You'll love the retro video game theme that highlights the call for us to make disciples.


14-16 July 2017


University of New South Wales
Scientia Conference Centre
Sydney, Australia


11 AM Registration


Leslie Samuel

Creator of Become a Blogger and Interactive Biology blogs

Justin Khoe

Creator, That Christian Vlogger

Sam Neves

Associate Director of Communications, General Conference

Geraldine Przybylko

Division Health Strategy Consultant for the South Pacific

Jared Madden

Managing Director @ (emersive)

Rachel Lemons Aitken

Founder, Digital Discipleship & Comms Executive, GSC

Adam Kavanagh

Editor/Producer at Adventist Media Network

Stephen Chan

Customer Solutions Manager for SAP


The Table

The Table is the place where we share, laugh and dream together. It’s a TV panel show featuring real women; with real lives, real families, real struggles and real joy. We want our viewers—no, our community—to feel a sense of friendship and belonging at The Table as well as sensing that their self-worth, their health, their relationships, their faith and their worldview are being transformed for the better.

The Towns We Lived In

“The Towns We Lived In” is a 28 minute short film revolving around the question: “Why do young people leave the church?” Based on true events, it is Robbie’s 10th short film, and certainly his most honest script to date.

If you’ve ever considered leaving the church, have become frustrated with church politics, know someone who has left the church, or even if you’re just generally interested in Australian cinema, you will be able to relate to the film’s message and characters. It will challenge the way you think about the church.


  • 11:00 – Registration Opens
  • 12:00 – Networking Event
  • 1:00 – Digital Discipleship Launch
  • 3:15 – Workshop 1 (see below for description of workshops)
    • Session A: Ideas Workshop: “I have no idea, where do I start” — Sam Neves
    • Session B: Ideas Workshop: “I have an idea, what do I do next?” — Andrew Perry
    • Session C: Ideas Workshop: “I have started, how do I get to the next level” — Ken Long
    • Session D: Ideas Workshop: “I need to be in a Mastermind Group” — Leslie Samuel
  • 4:20 – Dinner on-campus dinner options – Venue is located at G19 on the map.
  • 6:00 – Worship
  • 8:00 – Networking
  • 9:00 – Worship & Design Thinking Session
  • 12:30 – Lunch
  • 2:00 – Workshop 2 (see below for description of workshops)
    • Session A: The Call to Discipleship –Sven Östring
    • Session B: Why Your Church Needs a Youtube Ministry — Justin Khoe
    • Session C: Developers Workshop — Alex Green
    • Session D: Church as a Creative Centre — Nathan Brown
  • 3:15 – Workshop 3 (see below for description of workshops)
    • Session A: Brand Story — Mark Aitken
    • Session B: Case Study: Digital Relationships  —  Sam Neves
    • Session C: How to Start or Sustain a Blog — Leslie Samuel
    • Session D: How to Effectively Grow an Audience on Youtube —  Justin Khoe
  • 4:30 – Worship
  • 6:00 – Worship
  • 7:00 – Saturday Night Fun Options
    • Dinner
    • Night Photography Outing
    • Retro Video Game Tournament
  • 9:30 – Welcome & Worship
  • 9:50 – Lightening Round (Panel & Audience Interaction)
  • 10:45 – Workshop 4 (see below for description of workshops)
    • Session A: Super Charging Your Creative Project — Shelley Poole
    • Session B: Advanced Social Media Strategies — Leslie Samuel
    • Session C: Visual Identity — Sam Neves
    • Session D: Photo & Social Media for Digital Disciples — Anjuli Cruz
  • 12:15 – Birds of a Feather & Closing


Ideas Workshop:

Workshop 1 - Session A

Ideas Workshop:

Beginner - Intermediate
Workshop 1 - Session B

Ideas Workshop:

Are you already along the path to making your idea reality but you're wondering what to do next? In this workshop, we'll discuss the following: How to move your big idea forward with structure and intentionality. How to bring all the aspects of your idea together into a cohesive whole. How to identify what you're missing from your big idea.

Workshop 1 - Session C

Ideas Workshop:

Do you ever feel as if you’re on this ministry journey on your own? Do you wish that you could connect and be encouraged by others who think big about what God can do through them using technology? Looking for that extra push to take your ministry to the next level? Then you should consider starting or joining a mastermind group. In this workshop, we will talk about how to do so successfully.

Workshop 1 - Session D

The Call to Discipleship

We all enjoy our own personal spaces, whether that is your space in the blogosphere, your creative office suite, or amazing spaces in nature where you truly sense the reality of God. These spaces keep attracting us back because of their familiarity, as well as the unique creative surprises that await us the next time we check in to them. One of those surprises may be that on some ordinary day a divine Person steps into our space, walks up to you personally and says, “Come! Follow Me, and I will empower you to make disciples.” But what does this call to discipleship really mean?

All Levels
Workshop 2 - Session A

Why Your Church Needs a Youtube Ministry

One of the most common concerns for Adventist churches today is the growing number of young millennials who no longer attend church. During this seminar we will discuss why this might actually be a good thing and how Youtube can play a vital role in discipling the modern day Christian.

Workshop 3 - Session D

Developers Workshop

Come to learn, talk and share your projects with your fellow developers

Workshop 2 - Session D

Church as a Creative Centre

Drawing on five year’s experience as a co-convener of the Manifest Creative Arts Festival, this workshop explores why creativity matters to the church and how the church can matter to creatives. Imagine how we can make “space” for the creativity of others in our church communities and encourage them to grow their creative voice to find authentic expressions of truth and beauty. And imagine such faithful communities, real world or virtual, as places in which creatives can find support, a centre and inspiration.

All Levels
Workshop 2 - Session E

Brand Story: Who Are You?

The meaning of branding has changed so much in the last 10 years, brands are integral to the most successful companies in the world. In this workshop we explain branding, go through the process of defining a new brand and explain the effect of successful branding for your church or organisation.

Workshop 3 - Session A

Case Study: Digital Relationships

As Digital Disciples we must migrate our thinking about remote communications to the 21st century. The emergence of immediate live communication has powerful implications to pastoral care and mission. This workshop will explore the importance of building long term relationships that lead to Jesus. Just how did a police officer called Roberto lead hundreds of people to baptism over the last 4 years?

Workshop 3 - Session B

How to Start & Sustain a Blog

Blogging can be a great way to get your message out into the world. But with so much information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with just the thought. In this workshop, we will discuss a step-by-step plan for starting and growing a blog for your ministry.

Workshop 3 - Session C

How to Effectively Grow an Audience on Youtube

How to effectively grow an audience on Youtube- Posting your sermons onto Youtube is probably the worst thing you could do… if you’re hoping to really engage your audience that is. In this seminar, we will discuss some of the best practices that draw young Christians back to your channel over and over and some practical things that you can do to get them to engage with your messages.

Workshop 2 - Session C

Developing Digital Pathway Strategies

How can churches develop pathways to connect face to face with the public

Intermediate to Advanced
Workshop 3 - Session E

Case Study: Photography Class at Epping

All Levels
Workshop 4 - Session A

Super Charging Your Creative Project

Creativity is hard work. Sometimes the best-intentioned ideas looks terrible in practice, and the smart-looking projects fail to resonate with real people. So how can we challenge ourselves to stir better creative solutions with authentic impact?

Artist and designer, Shelley Poole, shares from her own experience, ways to:
- stir divergent thinking,
- discern which ideas are worth pursuing, and
- harness collective genius.

We’ll explore practical approaches to building creative muscle and designing creative solutions that resonate with real people.

All creative disciplines welcome.

All Levels
Workshop 4 - Session B

Advanced Social Media Strategies

Social media can be great for reaching the masses and getting the word out there about your ministry. With platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram out there, the right audience is just a click away. But how do you take your social media efforts to the next level and build a strong community? How do you track what’s working and determine your ministry ROI? How do you ensure that you aren’t wasting money on social media advertising? In this session, we’ll discuss what’s working on social media now, as well as some advanced social media strategies that will help you grow your ministry.

Workshop 2 - Session B

Visual Identity

McDonalds has around 35k restaurants whilst 7-Eleven boasts over 55k stores in the world. Everyone knows them. The Seventh-day Adventist Church meets every week in over 150k congregations every week - yet very few people in the world have ever heard of us. This workshop will explore the global strategy voted by the world church to speak the language of the cities and move the Adventist Church from whispering in the cities to proclaiming in a loud voice as prophecied in Revelation 14.

Workshop 4 - Session D

Photography & Social Media for Digital Disciples

Workshop 4 - Session E



As our guests during the Digital Discipleship Conference, we will provide you with morning and afternoon tea, as well as Sabbath lunch.  For all other meals, we invite you to find food on the campus of UNSW. LINK

Our venue — The John Niland Scientia Building — is located at G19 on the map.  If you’d like to get familiar with the campus, click here to get a better view.


If you are joining us from out of town, search for accommodation in the Randwick area, near the University of New South Wales.  Our venue — John Niland Scientia Building — is located at G19 on this map.  You may like to consider options like Perouse Lodge. Previous attendees found affordable options by searching Wotif and Air BnB.


The UNSW campus is accessible by train and bus.  Sydney’s public transportation system uses OPAL cards. Visit for more information.  For planning help and public transportation options, visit the public transportation section of UNSW’s website.



Paid parking, along with street parking, is available in UNSW car parks on Friday 14 July.  Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 of July parking is free.   Take a look at the map to find the nearest car park to the John Niland Scientia Building, located in area G19.

Make your idea a reality.