When People are Mad at God

Have you ever opened a video online only to find yourself immediately going to the comment section?  It’s a place where people seem to exercise freedom of speech to the fullest extent.  Some of the strongest language and the most bitter vitriol can be found in the comment section of a photo or video.  Somehow it seems to be where people seem to feel free to express their innermost feelings.  As Christians who aim to use the digital space to share the love of Jesus, how should we react to people online, especially when they express a hatred for God?

YesHeIs.com, an organisation that sees the online space as its mission field and aims to reach a billion people for Jesus suggests that when people express such strong feelings online towards a person they claim doesn’t exist, perhaps we should dig a little deeper and try to understand what’s really going on inside them. Perhaps the anger stems from a different place than disbelief.

In fact they advise that when you want to engage with people who are really angry at God “Pray for Insight“.

“It’s amazing how many times people comment on our videos with an angry comment about how God isn’t real. It begs the question; why would someone get emotional about something that doesn’t exist.

The truth is that many people who claim they don’t believe in God, have actually become disillusioned with religion and have walked away from faith. It is common to be bombarded with surface questions asking for proof that Jesus rose from the dead or that the Bible was written by God.

Even questions like “There is no god otherwise why does he allow war and rape and racism?” are actually arguments to bolster an entrenched position against the idea of God because of a deeper emotional pain and discomfort. Often it’s not that they really don’t believe in God, but rather they don’t want to believe He exists.

Some people aren’t ready to face this truth yet and so all we can do is pray for them. Sometimes though, when you shower them with God’s love and truly show compassion, they may open up and share why they don’t like the idea of God. Once you get to the heart of the issue, you have a better understanding of why someone feels the way they do.

God knows their past and their heart and can give you understanding to read between the lines when engaging with someone online about Jesus. Ask Him for insight and pray that they will find healing from those past wounds.”