Dandenong Adventist

We want to highlight online ministries that inspire and in finding Dandenong Adventist, located in Dandenong, VIC, we feel all kinds of inspiration.  From the cool, crisp aqua blue background they’ve used for the white application of the Adventist logo to their consistent presence on Youtube, everything about their online presence makes us want to sit and stay awhile.

Take a look at the things that really stood out for us about Dandenong and see if you can find a little inspiration for your ministry.

Who is Dandenong Adventist

On their About page, Dandenong Adventist or (@dandyadventist on Facebook) describe themselves as,

“We are a Seventh Day Adventist church located in Dandenong, VIC, Australia. Our mission is to bring people to Jesus and share His love with others. We love to spend time together talking and doing different kind of activities.

We are gathering every Saturday at 9.30 am to worship God. Our morning service is divided to two parts: Sabbath School and Divine Service that is ending around 12.30 pm. During the Sabbath School we are studying together Bible in a small groups, that are always leading by moderators. In Divine Service our hearts and minds are open for word of God, that is presented by pastors or church members.

If you are not able to come on Saturday, find out more information about our upcoming programs in Event section, and be a part of them. You are always welcome!

Whilst the majority of our members have a Polish background, most of our church services are conducted in both English and Polish.”

The description is in-depth yet approachable, friendly and informative.  Particularly impressive is the way a church that has a cultural focus – in this case the Polish heritage – has made itself accessible to the wider community while still embracing its roots.


We enjoyed Dandenong’s online presence that was presented by its Facebook page.  It’s warm, inviting and even offers a bit of humour.  The note of “You are always welcome” genuinely make us feel like we can come into the church and sit down and take in the service.

It’s not just the front page that caught our attention, it’s also the content that they share.  As an ethnic community, there are barriers that could make people feel intimidated about visiting them.  For one, there’s the language.  If you don’t understand Polish, you might feel a bit left out.  Instead of letting this be a deterrent, Dandenong has made it a benefit.  By included fun and creative little sayings in Polish, they encourage you to “Polish Your Polish”.  Now, instead of feeling turned away by the language, you may feel inclined to give Polish a go.  Try saying this one 10 times quickly:


Beyond that, there are videos, church service photos, vegetarian meal photos, encouraging sayings that are shareable and service highlights.  This is a Facebook account worth following! We invite you to go and like Dandenong’s Facebook page to support their online ministry!


Not only is Dandenong on Facebook, they are prolific Youtubers.  With a whopping 724 videos at the time of this publication, they have done a great job uploading and curating the content.  They are all set to share the gospel in the online space.


Dandenong’s website is easy to navigate, informative and makes you want to interact and engage.

What is Digital Discipleship

Kudos to Dandenong Adventist.  It’s obvious that they have some pretty skilled media professionals at the helm of their church communications team.  So, is that what this is all about?  Are we just here to pat those that do it well on the back…well, not exactly.  If this were a graphic design class, this team would be getting top marks.  We want to talk about Digital Discipleship.

Digital Discipleship is about doing things well.  It’s about being representative of God and infusing excellence into everything we do, but it’s also so much more!  Digital Discipleship involves a holistic approach of churches, church members and church institutions working together to spread the love of Jesus in various formats online.

One of the key areas of ministry can happen at the church level.  A quick look into Dandenong Adventist, located in Dandenong, VIC shows us that they have created a lot of content that is worth sharing.  They are what we’d understand to be the Content Creators.  They are just one of four links in the chain of Digital Discipleship.

You may look at their online presence and say, I’m not capable of creating content like that.  I’m not sure how to code or how to design or how to write or how to record video.  How can I be involved?  You might look at what they’re doing and admire it from afar as a consumer, but not engage.

The Challenge

Well, Digital Discipleship is all about engaging.  While Dandenong is Content Creator, you can be a Content Distributor.  With all the great content they’ve created, we’re absolutely sure that there is something on one of their pages that you can comfortable share with your online community.  It might be the “Polish Your Polish” poster, a vegetarian meal, an encouraging post or a video.  In fact, we challenge you to stop reading, go to one of their online accounts, support them with a like or follow and then share a piece of their content.  This is your first step to participating in the process of Digital Discipleship.

Hat tip to you Dandenong!  Stay encouraged and keep doing what you’re doing.  Continue striving with God and serving your online community through your various ministries!

Do you know of an online ministry that’s inspired you?  Are you a ministry you think we should take a look at?  Let us know by sending us an e-mail to digitaldisciples {at} adventist.org.au.