Digital Disciples

10 Things You Can Do Right Now as a Digital Disciple

Within the Digital Discipleship community there is a deep desire to minister to people in the online space during this time of social distancing.  Creatives, people with computer skills and those who simply have access to a computer have asked, what can I do right now as a digital disciple to minster to the people God has put in my circle of influence?

In this article, we’ll outline 10 things you can do right now to share Jesus with those around you in the digital space.

1. Ask God to create opportunities for you to connect with people. 

Do you believe that God loves the people around you more than you do?  Do you believe He has a heart for them and is looking for ways to engage and connect with them? 

Realise that God wants you to share Him and make His name known more than you do.  He says in John 12:32, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

Pray that God will present you with the opportunities and the people He knows you’re best positioned to reach.  Ask Him to open your eyes to those opportunities.  When you’re ministering, you’re like a city on a hill (Matthew 5:14).  You have the opportunity to shine light on those around you.

Pray that God will open your eyes to the people around you who need Him most.

2. Be intentional in the content you share on your social media accounts. 

Share content that shows who you are as a whole person.  Share your interest in koalas (if they’re your favourite). Talk about your favourite sports team.  Take a stand on social justice issues.  And, share your faith. 

You are a complete person with a variety of interests – share them with the people around you.  But most importantly, share Jesus. 

One of the best ways we’ve found to do this, is by having a blog, vlog or other platform where you can share your stories and experiences. 

Alternatively, you might find it’s easiest to share Jesus through posts your church or Conference office creates.  You might enjoy sharing your church’s live stream of the service or a prayer meeting or cooking class. 

Whatever it is you decide to share, make the decision and step forward in faith.  Pray that God allows the message to impact those people He knows will benefit most from it.

3. Invite someone to church or another online program. 

There’s never been a better time to invite someone to an online program.  The ease of watching online allows people to venture where they previously may have been reluctant to go.

One suggestion is to be available on text message with the person as they watch the service so they can ask you any questions they may have. Or make it a point to follow-up with them after the service to see if they have any questions.

In addition to your church’s live stream, you can consider programs like Predictions of Hope program and

4. Genuinely care about the people in the community. 

Ask God to help you develop sensitivity to the people in your online community.  Look for content that may interest them and send it to them.  Offer to help and serve them.  Listen to the needs they express and provide for them.  Genuinely listen, care, act and follow-up.  This is similar to doing a needs assessment in a neighbourhood to understand the outreach activities you will eventually carry out, except this will happen real time and the outreach activities will be more instantaneous.

5. Minister to people individually online. 

Make a prayer list of people.  Begin to pray for them regularly.  Let people know you’re praying for them.  You can also go online to a service like and make personalised digital cards for people.  You can write a special message, design it as you want it to look and send it to them via e-mail or Facebook messenger.  It will definitely brighten someone’s day

6. Look for ways you can be generous with others. 

Many people are hurting right now from losing their jobs and decreased income.  Has God put you in the position to be generous?  

Ask God to give you opportunities to be generous.  This could mean giving money to someone in need, delivering groceries, sending a gift or buying a meal.  It could also mean increasing your giving to your local church or a ministry you support.  You can even support a local business that you know is likely struggling at this time.  How has God asked you to be generous in this season?

7. Befriend someone and provide community to them. 

Before COVID-19 made a major impact on our world, there was a loneliness epidemic in many places.

In an article about the impact of loneliness, WebMD cited that a “Lack of social connection has a significant effect comparable to other leading indicators of risk for early death,” says Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, a professor of psychology at Brigham Young University. Feeling alone, she says, ranks up there with smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity in terms of its effects on your health.” 

The social distancing required by this virus has only exacerbated this problem.  There are still many lonely people in the world looking for companionship.  How can you provide them with the love and support they desperately want and need? 

Perhaps they’d like to chat online or hop on a phone call or FaceTime.  Make an effort to provide loving, human contact to those who need it most at this time.

8. Care for those who are shut-in. 

Another opportunity we have at this time as digital disciples is to care for those who are shut-in.  We know that our elderly population is most at risk during this time of social isolation and have restrictions on who can visit them in nursing homes.  We can still care for them by making or buying cards and sending them to people who otherwise wouldn’t have a lot of human contact.

9. Take an online course like the one offered by the SALT Institute of It Is Written

If you’re looking to hone your evangelism skills, you can take an online course with an organisation like the SALT Institute of It Is Written which trains Bible workers how to do online evangelism.  This can include giving Bible studies, befriending people online, inviting them to church online and journeying with them throughout their process of spiritual growth.

10. Ask you church how you can help them in their online ministry. 

Whether or not your church already has an online ministry established, you can reach out and ask them how you can help.  They may ask you to create content, follow-up on people who have expressed a need for prayer or be a host during the weekly live stream.  Additionally, they may ask you to help the church get engagement and reach on its content by liking and sharing it.

There is likely a group of exhausted people working behind the scenes who would love the help.

So as were journey together through this time of social distancing, pray that God gives you the wisdom and opportunity to use it for His glory.